AmpNV: 50MHz – 6GHz One Watt RF Amplifier

AmpNV: 50MHz – 6GHz One Watt RF Amplifier


AmpNV: A 1 Watt 50MHz – 6GHz RF Power Amplifier with programmable gain via USB or pushbutton control.



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RF Power Amplifier, 1 WATT 50MHz-6GHz – AmpNV

The Windfreak AmpNV is a 50MHz to 6GHz software controllable RF Power Amplifier capable of supplying up to 1 Watt of RF power. Gain is settable across a 31.5dB range in 1/2dB steps for up to 35dB of gain at the maximum setting. Gain can be remembered during power down by programming the settings into the on board non-volatile memory.

Please scroll down for more info on the powerful hardware and software features.


Comes with AmpNV, software and USB cable. Contact us for 24V US Power Adapter.



Shown below, the software is eloquently engineered giving professional performance at a fraction of the cost of a bench top power amplifier.

RF Power Amplifier Gain Control tab. (0dB (max) setting has total device gain of up to +35dB. You can also power down the PA when not in use to save energy and reduce heat.)


RF Power Amplifier Extras tab. (Program non-volatile memory and poll for AmpNV pushbutton changes.)


RF Power Amplifier Device Read. (Allows a developer to read device settings including voltage rails and temperature.)


Click here for instructions on how to operate the software.
Please contact us for multichannel RF Amplifier rack mount array possibilities.


The software is easy to install and use. It can control multiple devices based on factory programmed serial numbers.

This software was written in Labview and the open source code is included so that you can modify and enhance any way you see fit for your own use. Please do not distribute. If you don’t own Labview, you will also get an executable that will install standalone and run on a PC. If you want to write your own software, it is best to get Labview and reverse engineer the Windfreak Labview source code. Labview is available with a free 1 month trial from National Instruments. All source code is sent on CD “saved as” using the latest version of Labview Basic. For programmers, the device is easy to talk to via 1 simple command character followed program data. For example, setting gain is done by opening the COM port and sending the characters “a63” (without the quotes) for max gain (around 30dB) or “a0” for minimum gain, and then closing the COM port.

The amplifier runs off of DC power in the range of 15 – 28V and draws around 5 watts. Dimensions are 2.75Wide X 2.15Deep X 1.95Tall inches or 7.0Wide X 5.46Deep X 4.95Tall cm not including mounting tabs and connectors.

Warning: While the amplifier is very robust and can handle quite large reflections, it is possible that the output can be harmed if operated at full power into a poor load. There is no output protection. Please verify that your load is 50 ohms in the band that you will be operating. This failure is not covered under warranty.

You can also control the gain and turn on and off the PA via the push buttons on the device. The LEDs have variable brightness which gives you a good idea about what gain setting the device is at.

Compare this unit to other solutions at higher costs. The AmpNV has better performance and many more features. We’ve also invested hundreds of man hours on open source software that you get to build upon for highly custom applications.

Some applications include: wireless communications systems, microwave point to point back haul radios, Software Defined Radio (SDR), radar,Automated Test Equipment (ATE), EMC – radiated immunity pre-compliance testing, electronic warfare (EW) and hobbyist radio development.

This device has gone End of Life.  Request more information via this Web Form . Emails will be answered within 24 hours. Keep an eye on your SPAM folder. You will be given a lead time (after production ships right away) and a quote if you desire large volume.

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