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Technical support, documentation, request a refund or have a question for our owner and expert RF Signal Generator designer (David Goins) we are here to help. We are committed to providing quality products and personalized quick customer assistance.

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Technical Documentation:

All of our product and technical documentation can be found on our product pages. Links to those pages are provided below.

RF Signal Generators

RF Signal Generators With Built in RF Power Detectors

Active Mixers With Built in Local Oscillator PLL


What is the Windfreak Technologies Return Policy?

Customers have 90 days after receiving the unit to return the product for a full refund for ANY reason. Upon returning product, please delete all instances and backups of software. Please do not distribute. Return shipping cost is the customers responsibility.

Customers also have a 1 year warranty. During this time send any broken device back for free repair or replacement.

Most failures have to do with ESD on the RF outputs. Please use good ESD precautions, especially in dry climates and when working with circuitry directly connected to the device.

What are the shipping costs?

Inside the US:

  • Priority USPS (2-3 days) $10 for one, $5 each additional item.
  • Express USPS (1-2 days) $30 for one, $5 each additional item.


  • DHL (4-9 days) $80 for one, $10 each additional item.
  • For Canada and Mexico DHL is $50 for one, $5 for each additional item.
We will ship on your USPS, UPS, Fedex, DHL or other shipping account with no added charges. Add carrier and acct # in “Order Notes” at checkout, or email us from the Contact Page. Please note that if using your carrier and acct # you will be responsible for insurance and loss of the item after leaving Windfreak Technologies. 

Is RF Contract Design and Consulting available?

Yes. Areas of Expertise that can be quoted by the job or hour:

  • Modification of Windfreak Tech product hardware
  • Modification of Windfreak Tech product firmware and software
  • On site troubleshooting and integration of WFT hardware into customer equipment
  • Over 15 years design (to manufacture) experience.
  • Proven reliable product in the field.
  • Quotes available per unit with low up front NRE on production units.
  • Possible zero NRE on high volume applications.
  • Outgoing, enthusiastic communication with you and your customers.
  • Request a quote here.