Frequency Range and Resolution

Windfreak RF signal generators are designed to have continuous frequency coverage across their specified frequency range. Explore the impressive ranges and resolutions of our products:

ProductFrequency RangeFrequency Resolution
SynthHD Pro10MHz – 24GHz0.01Hz steps
SynthHD10MHz – 15GHz0.01Hz steps
SynthHD Mini10MHz – 15GHz0.01Hz steps
SynthNV Pro12.5MHz – 6.4GHz0.01Hz steps
SynthNV34MHz – 4.4GHz1KHz steps
MixNVLO tunes from 85MHz to 5GHz1Hz steps
SynthUSB312.5MHz – 6.4GHz0.01Hz steps
SynthUSBII34MHz – 4.4GHz1KHz steps

Key Features:

Wide Frequency Ranges: Our RF signal generators cover a broad spectrum of frequencies, catering to diverse applications in RF testing, communications, and more.

Exceptional Resolution: Enjoy precise control with impressive frequency resolution down to 0.01Hz or 1Hz steps, depending on the product.

Continuous Coverage: Experience seamless signal generation across the specified frequency range, allowing for versatile testing and modulation.


  • RF Testing: Perform comprehensive RF testing and signal characterization with confidence, thanks to precise frequency control and resolution.
  • Communications: Ensure compatibility and performance of communication systems across different frequency bands and modulation schemes.
  • Research and Development: Support advanced R&D projects with the ability to fine-tune frequencies with exceptional resolution.
  • Medical Devices: Facilitate testing and validation of medical devices that operate within specific frequency bands. Ensure the precision and reliability of RF-based medical equipment by fine-tuning frequencies with exceptional resolution.
  • Quantum Computing: Support the development and testing of quantum computing systems that rely on precise control of RF signals. Enable researchers in the field of quantum computing to experiment with various frequency ranges and modulation schemes.
  • Antenna Beam Steering for Wireless Communication: Assist in the research and development of advanced antenna beam steering techniques in wireless communication. Provide the necessary tools for testing and optimizing beamforming and beam steering technologies across different frequency bands.

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