Active Mixers With Built in Local Oscillator PLL

Windfreak Technologies innovates groundbreaking RF frequency conversion products by integrating broadband RF mixers with broadband PLL based RF signal generators in miniature form factors. Frequency up-convert or frequency down-convert without using a separate LO source.

Local oscillators (LO) are essential for generating stable and precise RF signals. They provide the frequency reference needed for various RF systems, including transceivers, receivers, and synthesizers. Our local oscillator features cutting-edge designs with excellent phase noise performance, wide frequency coverage, and low spurious outputs, ensuring reliable and high-quality signal generation.

PLLs (Phase-Locked Loops) are versatile circuitry commonly used in RF and microwave systems for frequency synthesis, clock generation, and frequency modulation. Our PLL encompasses a range of integrated circuits and modules designed to deliver stable and accurate frequency control, low jitter, and fast lock times, empowering engineers to achieve optimal performance in their designs.


  • Simplified system design by combining functionality
  • Precise frequency control
  • Seamless frequency conversion
  • Flexible modulation capabilities
  • Enhanced signal quality
  • Time and cost efficiency

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Whether you’re working on wireless communication systems, radar applications, or other RF-based projects, we have the solution you need. We engineer and manufacturer innovative RF products that can be used in a wide range of highly technical applications.