SynthHD PRO (v2): 10MHz – 24 GHz Dual Channel Microwave Generator


The SynthHD PRO Dual Channel RF Signal Generator is designed for higher amplitude accuracy and operation in a more rugged environment than its older sibling, the SynthHD.  These devices have set the bar on microwave radio frequency generators for quality, size and price.  As always, our products are designed and manufactured in the USA!

Tune any frequency between 10MHz and 24GHz in 0.1Hz resolution.  Adjust calibrated amplitude in 0.1dB resolution up to +20dBm and across more than 55dB of range.  Each channels has independent frequency and amplitude settings, or set both channels to the same frequency and adjust phase between the two in 0.1 degree increments.

Expect excellent performance and high reliability despite the SynthHD Pro’s low cost.

In Stock.  Ships within 3 days.

Microwave Vector Signal Generator, Dual Channel – SynthHD PRO

The Windfreak SynthHD PRO RF Signal Generator is similar to the SynthHD but has these extra features:

  • Improved calibration for higher amplitude accuracy
  • Milled aluminum case for better electrical performance and use in more rugged environments
  • SynthHD PRO has 100uS frequency step time
  • CE certification
  • Easy stack-ability


  • 10 MHZ to 24 GHZ in 0.1 Hz steps
  • -40 dBm to +18 dBm (typical) in 0.01 dB steps
  • Set each channel to independent frequencies and amplitudes
  • 0 to 360 degrees coherent phase control in 0.01 degree steps on each channel
  • Stack multiple devices for coherent phase control on every channel
  • Select internal 10 or 27MHz reference or use external 10-100MHz reference
  • Pulse, AM and FM internal modulation including FMCW radar chirp
  • Pulse Modulation with 1uS minimum width and 1uS resolution
  • Pulse, AM and FM external modulation from DC – 10KHz
  • Powerful Trigger modes allow external triggering of most functions without a PC connected
  • Linear and list mode (frequency and amplitude hopping) sweeps include dual channel differential sweeps
  • Save all settings to the device for use without a PC
  • 32 bit ARM processor on board which is Arduino compatible
  • Digital schematics and complete Labview GUI executable and source code (pictured below) included with purchase
  • Windows, Linux and Android compatibility
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA with maximized value / cost ratio
  • Contact us for custom firmware and hardware options

SynthHD Pro Software GUI (Labview source code included with purchase)


The following video shows the SynthHD Pro doing a Pulsed FM Radar Chirp (FMCW) that is simultaneously AM modulated.

The video below is taken with both channels driven into a mixer. The mixer is then fed into an oscilloscope and displayed on the right side of the video. The signal shows the DC and near DC downconverted component. The DC level depends on the phase relationship between the two channels. The switch on the far right of the GUI toggles between controlling channels (RFA or RFB).

For orders over 10 units discounts will apply. Request a quote here. Emails will be answered within 24 hours. Keep an eye on your SPAM folder. You will be given a lead time and a quote if you desire large volume.

Download SynthHD Pro Model

(If drawing does not show up, disable popup blockers such as ublock in chrome.)

Measure dimensions by downloading the model and installing the free edrawings viewer app..

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 2 in


Download pdf datasheet here for easier reading.

SynthHD PRO v2 hardware improvements are:

  • frequency response improved to 10MHz to 24GHz
  • amplitude calibration from 10MHz to 20GHz
  • no 1/2 subharmonic on frequencies below 15GHz
  • better high frequency RF power around +15dBm at 10GHz and +8dBm at 20GHz
  • better high frequency RF pulse on/off isolation and speed
  • 500 point nonvolatile frequency and amplitude hop table
  • better no-compensation amplitude stability over temperature
  • improved mechanical housing facilitates custom bulkhead mounting
  • USB-C connector is tougher, plus brings in native UART control
  • switch to 5V power supply
  • larger faster flash memory for larger calibration, step, and modulation tables
  • new software is backwards compatible to version 1 devices


  1. Datasheet
  2. Quickstart Guide
  3. Software Users Guide
  4. Control Software GUI Download (hit Cancel during hardware search if demo-ing software)
  5. Linux & Windows Command Line Guide
  6. UART Hookup Guide for Arduino and Raspberry Pi
  7. Python Package

V2 is 95% similar in software and commands to v1.4.

Old v1.4 Downloads

Downloads for SynthHD Pro (ver 1 which is 54MHz – 14GHz):

  1. Datasheet
  2. SynthHD vs SynthHD PRO Phase Noise Comparison
  3. Software Users Guide
  4. Control Software GUI Download (hit Cancel during hardware search if demo-ing software)
  5. Linux & Windows Command Line Guide
  6. Compare with the SynthHD
  7. SynthHD Press Release
  8. Python Package