SynthUSB3 Breakout Board


The SynthUSB3 USB Breakout Board allows access to signals going into the SynthUSB3 USB3 connector.  These signals are UART (TX and RX), Power (+5V), Trigger and Ground.  A future revision of SynthUSB3 will allow input or output of the reference signal through the NC terminal.  The USB signals are also passed through.  3 Resistor positions, with cuttable bridges allow selection of power sources (USB, Terminal Block, or Barrel Connector).  If no resistor bridges are cut, be sure and only connect one power source at a time.

Warning:  This Breakout Board is not designed to work with any other products but the SynthUSB3.  This is an open circuit board.  Please take care not to let come into contact with metal during operation to avoid short circuits which may cause damage to your PC.  Open circuits are also more susceptible to ESD damage.  Please use ESD straps and other ESD procedures to prevent damage.

Note:  While all RF Signal Generators by Windfreak Technologies are manufactured in the USA with USA sourced components, these simple breakout boards are currently manufactured in China.  There are no active components on board.

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USB3 Breakout Schematic
Schematic for the SynthUSB3 Breakout Board
USB3 Breakout PCB CAD
PCB Design for the SynthUSB3 Breakout Board

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