SynthUSB3: 12.5MHz – 6.4 GHz RF Signal Generator


The SynthUSB3 thumb drive sized RF Signal Generator is designed for extremely high quality to cost ratio.  These devices have set the bar on microwave radio frequency generators for quality, size and price.  As always, our products are designed, manufactured and supported in the USA!

Tune any frequency between 12.5MHz and 6.4GHz in 0.01Hz resolution.  Adjust calibrated amplitude in 0.2dB resolution up to +8dBm and across more than 50dB of range.

Expect excellent performance and high reliability despite the SynthUSB3’s low cost.

See Downloads tab below for more information.

The SynthUSB3 can be used with an optional Breakout Board that allows connections to UART, Trigger and Power.  Purchase it here:  SynthUSB3 Breakout Board

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RF Signal Generator, High Quality yet Low Cost

After almost 10 successful years, the SynthUSBII gets a huge upgrade to SynthUSB3:

  • Amplitude calibrated for high amplitude accuracy
  • Great phase noise across all frequencies
  • 0.01Hz tuning capability (0.1Hz default)
  • Up to 0.2 dB amplitude resolution
  • Up to +8dBm RF power
  • Linear (or %) sweeping and list mode hopping both frequency and amplitude
  • Control with USB or UART from your embedded microcontroller
  • Trigger sweeps, hops, pulses etc
  • Internally or externally modulate FM, AM or pulse
  • Windows, Linux and Android compatibility
  • Save all settings to the device for use without a PC
  • 32 bit ARM processor on board which is Arduino compatible
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA with maximized value / cost ratio
For orders over 10 units discounts will apply. Request a quote here. Emails will be answered within 24 hours. Keep an eye on your SPAM folder. You will be given a lead time and a quote if you desire large volume.

Download SynthUSB3 Model

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Measure dimensions by downloading the model and installing the free edrawings viewer app..

Weight 1.0 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 2 in


  1. Datasheet
  2. Quick Start Guide
  3. Control Software GUI Download
  4. Software GUI Users Guide
  5. Programmers API Guide / command line tools
  6. UART / Trigger Breakout Board Guide
  7.  SynthUSB3 Breakout Board