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The Ins and Outs of Radio Frequency

  Radio frequencies are used in a wide range of items, but most people do not understand how they work or are used in our daily lives. A radio frequency is a type of electromagnetic energy and is measured in hertz, and it is used by radars, radios, televisions, microwaves, GPS, cells phones, and satellites. …


New WindFreak SynthNV PRO

Windfreak Technologies – WAMICON 2018 Note:  We have started selling the SynthNV Pro.  Check here for the product page. Datasheets and other descriptive documents will come as quickly as we can make them. Original post with edits: Windfreak Technologies, LLC attended WAMICON 2018 in Sand Key, FL as an exhibitor in the vendors hall.  Windfreak …


New SynthHD PRO Microwave Signal Generator

Windfreak Technologies, LLC will be introducing the new SynthHD PRO model of its highly innovative USB Microwave Signal Generators at MTTS booth #1120.  The device will be based on the SynthHD but come with a few updates. Improved calibration for higher amplitude accuracy Re-calibrate at the Windfreak factory when needed, or calibrate yourself Milled aluminum case …


Inexpensive Radiated Immunity Pre-Compliance Testing

Nice article written by Ken Wyatt.  See full article written HERE. Snippets of text from article: 03/18/2014 Kenneth Wyatt Wyatt Technical Services As an EMC consultant, it seems that lately I’ve run into many client projects where radiated immunity has cropped up as the major issue. One reason for this may be the trend in …


Evaluation Engineering Article

For the MTTS Edition of Evaluation Engineering.  In article seen HERE. Low-cost modules WindFreak Technologies will highlight a range of applications from system and device test to the general RF and microwave communications needs of the RF community, according to David Goins, chief technology officer. He added, “WindFreak offers low-cost RF and microwave modules such …


Join us at MTTS in San Francisco

Please drop by to visit. Vicky and I will be providing demos for hardware and software in booth #1120. We will demo our RF Signal Generators: The dual channel SynthHD doing FMCW pulsed chirp as well as its new external modulations. The SynthNV doing Network Analyzer measurements. See you there! David