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Using the MixNV RF Signal Generator and Active Mixer in Your Next Design

In order to be effective, RF upconverters and downconverters must meet the communications standards of the networks in which they’ve been installed. These integrated assemblies must convert microwave signals from one frequency range to another so it can be further processed to fit precisely with those standards. An RF signal generator that can produce a …


SynthHD vs SynthHD PRO

Compare the innovative SynthHD with the SynthHD Professional version (SynthHD PRO).  We suggest the SynthHD PRO if you need higher accuracy in the lab, or more ruggedness in the field.


New SynthHD PRO Microwave Signal Generator | Windfreak Technologies

Windfreak Technologies, LLC will be introducing the new SynthHD PRO model of its highly innovative USB Microwave Signal Generators at MTTS booth #1120.  The device will be based on the SynthHD but come with a few updates. Improved calibration for higher amplitude accuracy Re-calibrate at the Windfreak factory when needed, or calibrate yourself Milled aluminum case …


Evaluation Engineering Article | Windfreak Technologies

For the MTTS Edition of Evaluation Engineering.  In article seen HERE. Low-cost modules WindFreak Technologies will highlight a range of applications from system and device test to the general RF and microwave communications needs of the RF community, according to David Goins, chief technology officer. He added, “WindFreak offers low-cost RF and microwave modules such …


New Article in Microwave Product Digest January 2016 | Windfreak Technologies

Windfreak Technologies published an interesting article called: (click title below for article at Low Cost USB RF Signal Generators – A Hybrid Solution: Why They Should Be in Your Next Project By David Goins, CTO, Windfreak Technologies Excerpt: “USB RF signal generators are actually a hybrid approach to both of those options mentioned above—they can …


A New Microwave Frequency Source for Our Experiment | Windfreak Technologies

QUESTION: “We are looking for a new microwave frequency source for our experiment with ultracold Rydberg atoms of Rubidium, tunable around 6GHz (to address an atomic transition) and capable of doing frequency ramps of 1 MHz/ms or faster after being triggered by an external signal.” WINDFREAK TECH RESPONSE: “The short story is I think we can get you …