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How Does Phase Noise Impact RF Signal Generators?

Excessive phase noise in a local oscillator can mask the information that should be carried on an RF signal, which means that important information can be lost at the intermediate frequency stage of your tests. Phase noise performance, then, is an important factor when determining how well a signal generator will perform for your application. …


Evaluation Engineering Article | Windfreak Technologies

For the MTTS Edition of Evaluation Engineering.  In article seen HERE. Low-cost modules WindFreak Technologies will highlight a range of applications from system and device test to the general RF and microwave communications needs of the RF community, according to David Goins, chief technology officer. He added, “WindFreak offers low-cost RF and microwave modules such …


New Article in Microwave Product Digest January 2016 | Windfreak Technologies

Windfreak Technologies published an interesting article called: (click title below for article at Low Cost USB RF Signal Generators – A Hybrid Solution: Why They Should Be in Your Next Project By David Goins, CTO, Windfreak Technologies Excerpt: “USB RF signal generators are actually a hybrid approach to both of those options mentioned above—they can …