Dual Channels

At Windfreak Technologies, we understand the critical role that precise RF signal generation plays in your engineering and testing endeavors. That’s why we built our Dual Channel RF Signal Generators – the SynthHD and SynthHD Pro, designed to empower you with unparalleled control and flexibility in your RF applications.

Importance of Dual Channel RF Signal Generators:

The SynthHD and SynthHD Pro stand apart with their unique dual independent RF outputs. This feature allows you to set independent frequencies and amplitudes on each channel, opening up a world of possibilities for your RF projects. Whether you are working on wireless communication systems, radar applications, phased-array antennas, or any other complex RF application, our dual channel signal generators offer the precise control you need.

Versatility in Phase Control:

With the SynthHD and SynthHD Pro, you can not only set the same frequency on both channels but also independently tune the phase of each channel from 0 to 360 degrees in 0.01-degree increments. This level of phase control enables you to set up quadrature or other phase differences precisely, facilitating intricate signal manipulation for optimal performance.

Coherence with External Frequency Reference:

By driving a common internal or external frequency reference into the reference ports of multiple SynthHD’s, you achieve full coherence with non-rotating phases. This coherence allows all channels to be tuned independently in frequency, phase, and amplitude, giving you unmatched control and synchronization for demanding applications.


The applications for our Dual Channel RF Signal Generators are vast and span various industries:

  • Phased-Array Antennas: Precisely control the phase differences between antenna elements to achieve beam steering and beamforming in phased-array antennas.
  • Radar Systems: Create complex radar signals with accurate phase control for radar testing and research.
  • Wireless Communication Systems: Optimize and verify wireless communication protocols and devices with independent frequency and amplitude tuning.
  • Satellite Communications: Design and validate satellite communication systems with precision and coherence in signal generation.
  • Electronic Warfare (EW): Generate sophisticated signals for electronic warfare applications with full control over phase and frequency.
  • Quantum Research and Computing: In the rapidly evolving field of quantum research and computing, our Dual Channel RF Signal Generators are becoming essential tools for exploring quantum phenomena, testing quantum algorithms, and optimizing quantum communication systems.

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The SynthHD and SynthHD Pro Dual Channel RF Signal Generators offer unparalleled control, coherence, and flexibility for engineers and technicians like you. Empower your RF projects with precision and efficiency. Shop our product offerings of Dual Channel RF Signal Generators today.