Supported Software

With every purchase of RF testing equipment, Windfreak Technologies supplies a unique set of tools to the end-user. Our software GUI is written in Labview. We supply an executable installer for those that don’t use Labview, or don’t want to customize their own GUI’s. For those that want to customize their own GUI, we supply the source code vi’s. There is no part of the code that is not open to the end-user.

For those that want to write their own control software in other languages or for other operating systems, there is an easy-to-use USB serial interface with all of our products. For example, to set frequency, a text command such as f1000.0 is sent to set the frequency to 1000MHz. Detailed documents are available for download. These text-based commands can also be sent with 3rd party serial terminals such as Termite (Windows), Cutecom (Linux), and Serial USB Terminal (Android).