Frequency and Amplitude Hop Table

These Windfreak Technologies RF signal generators come with frequency and amplitude hopping tables:

  • SynthHD Pro
  • SynthHD
  • SynthHD Mini
  • SynthNV Pro
  • SynthUSB3

Key Features:

  • Real-Time Analysis: Monitor signal performance, analyze frequency and amplitude shifts, and make instant adjustments for optimal results.
  • Flexible Programming: Our hop tables are designed to be adaptable to your requirements. You can effortlessly program them using the provided graphical user interface (GUI) or integrate them with your custom software for seamless control.
  • Amplitude and Frequency Hopping: These hop tables offer both frequency and amplitude hopping functionality. Customize your signal generation with precision and ease, ensuring your applications meet the exact specifications needed. Use firmware timed hopping, or use the devices external Trigger to time your hardware trigger more precisely.
  • High Capacity: Each table boasts an impressive capacity of up to 500 points and include both frequency and amplitude hops, allowing for intricate and dynamic signal sequences. Whether it’s complex modulation or rapid frequency shifts, our tables can handle it.


  • Communication Systems: Optimize your communication systems with precise frequency and amplitude hopping for signal analysis and testing.
  • Radar and Sonar Systems: Ensure accurate and reliable radar and sonar performance by simulating real-world conditions and interference patterns.
  • Wireless Technologies: Validate the resilience of your wireless technologies by mimicking complex, dynamic RF environments.

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