Factory Amplitude Calibration

We take pride in delivering radio frequency (RF) solutions that not only offer cutting-edge performance but also uncompromising accuracy. Our commitment to excellence is exemplified through the factory amplitude calibrations available on the following products:

  • SynthHD Pro
  • SynthHD
  • SynthHD Mini
  • SynthNV Pro
  • SynthUSB3

What Sets Us Apart

Each of our devices undergoes rigorous amplitude calibration during automated manufacturing test procedures. This ensures that every unit is optimized to deliver consistent and accurate amplitude performance.

Non-Volatile Flash Memory

The devices are calibrated during automated manufacturing test procedures and are stored in non-volatile flash memory lookup tables. This means that your equipment retains its calibration settings even when powered off or in transit, eliminating the need for constant recalibration. The calibration tables and date code can be downloaded from the device with the included software GUI.

Exceptional Accuracy

Our commitment to quality means that we consistently achieve accuracy levels of less than 1dB across the entire frequency range.


  • Wireless Communication Testing: Amplitude calibration is essential in testing and validating wireless communication devices such as smartphones, Wi-Fi routers, and Bluetooth devices to ensure that they transmit and receive signals at the correct power levels.
  • RF Receiver Testing: Accurate amplitude calibration is vital for testing the sensitivity and dynamic range of RF receivers used in applications like radio broadcasting, radar systems, and satellite communication.
  • RF Transmitter Testing: It’s essential to calibrate RF signal generators when evaluating the performance of RF transmitters, ensuring they transmit signals at the specified power levels and spectral purity.
  • Aerospace and Defense: In applications related to radar systems, electronic warfare, and missile guidance, amplitude calibration ensures that signals are generated accurately for target simulation, interference testing, and jamming scenarios.
  • Medical Devices: RF signal generators are used in medical devices like MRI machines and RF ablation systems. Precise amplitude calibration is necessary to maintain patient safety and ensure the accuracy of medical procedures.
  • Research and Development: In R&D labs, amplitude calibration is critical for conducting experiments in fields like physics, materials science, telecommunications, and quantum computing where accurate signal levels are essential for accurate measurements and research outcomes.
  • Antenna Testing: Amplitude calibration is important in antenna testing to determine radiation patterns, gain, and efficiency accurately.
  • Spectrum Analyzer Calibration: RF Signal generators are often used to calibrate spectrum analyzers, ensuring that the analyzer measures signal power levels accurately.
  • EMC/EMI Testing: In electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) testing, precise signal amplitudes are required to assess the electromagnetic compatibility and interference characteristics of electronic devices.

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