RF Signal Generators With Built in RF Power Detectors

RF signal generators with built-in RF power detectors are essential tools for engineers and technicians working with wireless communication systems, RF testing, research and development, and various other applications.

The combination gave users the ability to measure RF power at the same time as generating RF signals, providing convenience and efficiency.  Even better, since both circuits are combined, the device could drive “set and measure” sweeps on its own at high speeds for applications like real-time scalar network analysis. There is no need for additional equipment or complex setups. This integration streamlines the measurement process and ensures accurate results.


  • Accurate power measurement
  • Versatile testing capabilities
  • Efficient troubleshooting and optimization
  • Compact and portable design

Shop RF Signal Generator with RF Power Detectors

Windfreak Technologies designed and sold the world’s first low-cost, USB controlled RF signal generator plus RF power detector back in 2011 called the SynthNV and we haven’t stopped since then. All our products are crafted with exceptional quality and precision, ensuring accurate power measurement for critical applications.