Amplitude Resolution

RF signal generators from Windfreak Technologies give excellent amplitude resolution. With amplitude resolution as fine as 0.01dB, our signal generators empower you with precise control over amplitude levels, ensuring accurate and reliable signal generation.

Why Choose Our RF Signal Generators with High Amplitude Resolution?

Our RF Signal Generators are engineered to provide unmatched amplitude resolution, making them perfect for applications where precision is paramount. When generating a quadrature LO from the dual channel SynthHD for image reject mixing, having precise amplitude resolution becomes crucial. Achieving perfect image rejection necessitates exact quadrature phase and amplitude, and that’s precisely where the SynthHD excels.


RF Signal Generators with High Amplitude Resolution are ideal for various applications, including:

  • Wireless Communication Systems Testing: Validate and optimize wireless communication systems, such as cellular networks, satellite communications, and IoT devices, with precise amplitude control.
  • RF Testing and Calibration: Conduct rigorous RF testing and calibration of devices, components, and systems, ensuring accuracy and reliability in your measurements.
  • RF Research and Development: Facilitate advanced RF research, exploring new modulation techniques, communication protocols, quantum research and computing, and radar applications with high amplitude resolution.
  • Educational Laboratories: Provide students and engineers with hands-on experience in RF testing, enabling better understanding and skill development.
  • Antenna Beam Steering: Enable precise control over antenna beam steering with our signal generators. Perfect for applications where beam direction accuracy is crucial, such as radar systems and phased-array antennas.
  • Automated Test Equipment for Electronics: Enhance the precision and functionality of automated test equipment for electronics. Our signal generators provide the utmost accuracy in generating test signals, ensuring reliable and efficient electronic testing processes.

Shop RF Generators with Amplitude Resolution

At Windfreak Technologies, we are committed to empowering engineers and technicians with state-of-the-art RF technology. Our products offer a powerful solution for wireless communication systems, RF research, and critical applications where precision is a necessity. Discover the possibilities and explore our product offerings today.