RF Generator SynthHD Pro

New SynthHD PRO Microwave Signal Generator

Windfreak Technologies, LLC will be introducing the new SynthHD PRO model of its highly innovative USB Microwave Signal Generators at MTTS booth #1120.  The device will be based on the SynthHD but come with a few updates.

  • Improved calibration for higher amplitude accuracy
  • Re-calibrate at the Windfreak factory when needed, or calibrate yourself
  • Milled aluminum case for better electrical performance and use in more rugged environments
  • SynthHD PRO will have 70uS frequency step time (as an option) and even higher amplitude accuracy later in 2016
  • CE certification
  • Easy stack-ability

The SynthHD PRO adds more professional features to an already professional device, but keeps the price at very affordable levels.  We hope to start shipping the SynthHD  PRO in August of 2016.